Tile Flooring

We have the finest selection of luxurious ceramic and stone tile to enhance any room in Asheville. Not only is tile flooring a durable choice, but one of the most aesthetically pleasing.

Tile Floor Installation

Installation services include cutting, fitting, laying, and grouting the floor tile. First, we will make sure the subfloor has been prepared properly to ensure a sound foundation for the tile. Much of the beauty from Ceramic and Stone tile is the variation from each piece, but the tile will often share characteristics within each box. Before we lay tile we will pull tile from different boxes and randomly mix them to ensure that minor color differences don’t form an unwanted pattern in your new floor. As we continue to lay the tile, grout, and seal your new floor, we treat piece with precision and care. Our goal is to provide a beautiful, functional, and long lasting flooring surface for your home or business.

Tile Floor Repair

Ceramic tile is a durable and low-maintenance surface. Unfortunately, if not properly installed or with poor subflooring, tile can easily crack or chip. All Superior Flooring can easily replace a broken tile, match grout, and most importantly seal the grout and tile to prevent moisture and other potential issues that undermine the stability of the tile.

Tile Flooring